Family Service of El Paso
The mission of Family Service of El Paso is to deliver mental health services that improve the life, health, and wellbeing of individuals and families in the El Paso community. As the largest mental health service agency in El Paso, we uniquely suited to serve local clients from nearly every demographic.

Causes: Advocacy, Children and Youth, Health and Mental Well-being

Worldwide, an estimated 1 billion suffer from anxiety, 300 million people are affected by depression, 60 million suffer from bipolar affective disorder, and about 21 million are affected by schizophrenia or other severe psychoses.

We are making significant advances in neuroscience and increasing understanding of the brain and brain disorders. But the growing prevalence of mental illness, particularly in young people — combined with rising rates of Alzheimer’s and gaps in research and care — have the potential to create a global crisis.

Over 75% of our clients are low income (by HUD Section 8 guidelines) and 87% of our clients are Hispanic. To serve this population, we constantly strive to ensure our services are affordable, accessible, and culturally competent.

Our commitment to providing access to mental health services by:

Expanding access to high-quality mental health counseling services to help underserved individuals and families get the treatment that they need to recover, thrive, and enhance their overall wellness.

Strengthening strategic partnerships by collaborating with local organizations that deliver complementary services, such as health care.

Developing the next generation of mental health professionals and increasing the number of providers in the El Paso border community, to address sizable.

We measure progress of our programs through the following metrics:

Output: We annually measure our output by comparing it to the output of the prior year

Outcomes: We measure our outcomes using the Outcomes Rating Scale. The scale allows us to measure clients’ weekly well-being and cumulative outcomes of the entire agency.

Client Satisfaction: We requests clients complete the Family Service of El Paso Client Satisfaction Survey quarterly. This gives clients an opportunity to express their opinions about our services and to provide suggestions as to how we can improve.

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