FEMAP Foundation
Located in El Paso, TX on the U.S./Mexican border, the FEMAP Foundation provides links between the two cities and countries in order to address mutual economic and public health concerns, empowering women and helping children thrive in the most susceptible environments. FEMAP helps provide the community with The Hospital de la Familia and through Health Education and Prevention Programs through the new Clínica de Medicina Preventiva para la Mujer, sustain the needs of the community with general and specialty Medical Consultations, Bio Laboratory and Imaging, Emergency Room and an OR. Be a part of change, be a part of love, be a part of the movement of solidarity with FEMAP!

Causes: Education, Health and Wellness, Women's Issues

Help us win the fight for WOMEN

The Clinica de Medicina Preventiva para la Mujer / Women’s Health Prevention Clinic is the new FEMAP program dedicated solely to WOMEN’S PREVENTIVE CARE, pioneered by women from the community for the community. These women are health promoters whose job is to find other women and inform them of health preventative measures, give access to complete medical examination services and in most cases provide appointments for their first complete medical exam, all this is done at our Hospital de la Familia being completely free.

Be part of this magnificent cross border movement. Be part of change, be part of love.

Our Women’s Health Prevention Program goes beyond awareness and checkups. For women who have been diagnosed, we continue to provide emotional and group support at our own designated areas in our Clinica de Medicina Preventiva para la Mujer.

Hear Josefina Piñon’s Testimony and see the impact that the Women’s Health Prevention Clinic has!

Help us reach our GOAL! We need to bring in 250 women that have no access to medical services and preventive care so they can receive the care they deserve.