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Outdoor learning offers more than just a change of scenery. When our students engage day to day with nature we witness their creative, problem-solving, socialization and intellectual skills grow. We are committed to nurturing a love for learning and bringing the joy and wonders of nature to our students. At First Pres, we believe that every child deserves a natural, three-dimensional play and learning environment full of immersive, discovery oriented activities that never get boring. We enjoy the delight on their faces as they explore a natural play area: climbing trees, digging in the garden, rolling down hills and discovering hidden wonders. Our goal is to continue to create thoughtfully curated outdoor areas for all of our ages, 1 year old through 8th grade, that encourages imagination, outdoor exploration and hands-on learning experiences. By contributing to this project you are investing in the development of our students on so many levels and the longevity of our unique school programs that value the learning environment as the 3rd teacher. Together we can continue a lasting legacy of outdoor learning and build cherished memories for generations to come.

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First Pres Preschool opened its doors in 1981 and serves children 1 year old through Kinder. Over time the school community has created and cared for a magical outdoor space for the preschool children to learn through their primary language of play. The preschool has 16 certified outdoor classrooms for children explore and discover. The preschool outdoor environment continues to need ongoing TLC, maintenance and improvements for optimal function year to year. We hope to repair wood fencing, reinforce retaining walls and add shade pergolas to our outdoor classroom patios.

First Pres Elementary opened it’s doors in 2020 in response to families who valued the child-centered, hand-on approach to learning that their children experiened at the preschool. The elementary serves children 1st grade through 8th grade, with more than 70% of the families coming from the preschool. These children know and thrive in outdoor environments and in May 2023 worked hard through their Operation Playground Project Cycle to earn 20K for the Phase I fencing which now beautifully defines their play space on the northwest side of the church grounds. We are ready and excited to move to the design and construction phase and create an equally magical space for this age group - your support means the world to us!

Outdoor Learning Environment
Student Treehouse Vision
Student Vision - Modular Garden
New Outdoor Play Area