Hope Border Institute
The Hope Border Institute (HOPE) brings the perspective of Catholic social teaching to bear on the realities unique to our US-Mexico border region. Through a robust program of research and policy work, leadership development and action, we work to build justice and deepen solidarity across the borderlands.

Causes: Community Advocacy, Migration, Social Justice

We’ve endured a pandemic, constant attacks on our border community, racial injustice and an unpredictable election season. And HOPE is still here.

When we began our work five years ago, we could never have anticipated such challenges to our border community. And still our core mission–to strive for justice in the borderlands community and empower faith communities to participate in this work–hasn’t changed.

Our work takes us across borders.

This year, we’ve advocated tirelessly refugees and asylum seekers and stood against attacks on immigrant communities.

We’ve empowered El Pasoans to make their voices heard in the Census and at the voting booth.

We’re developing innovative solutions to address comprehensive immigration reform and are working with communities in Central America so that families can thrive at home rather than being forced to seek safety elsewhere.

To aid El Paso families struggling with the pandemic, we led the Coalition for the Common Good, which successfully pushed our local governments to invest millions of dollars in vulnerable families left out of federal stimulus packages.

And in our sister city of Ciudad Juárez, we’re supporting families and parents through projects like Las Zadas, which provides pre-natal healthcare and support to pregnant migrant women.

Efforts like these will have a lasting impact for years to come.

The work is hard. But we know that you have our back. Your support keeps us hopeful. By donating today, you’re investing in a more beautiful future at the border.

Thank you for your generosity. To learn more about our work, visit us at www.hopeborder.org. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @hopeborder.

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