Hospice El Paso
Hospice El Paso is El Paso County's first and most trusted community-based hospice care provider. Hospice El Paso has been providing end-of-life care for adult and pediatric patients since 1982. We started as a non-profit by a group of local physicians and citizens; today, our staff, medical directors, and board of directors continue to ensure we remain focused on our mission. Our mission is to provide the highest level of quality care with kindness and compassion for our patients and their loved ones, through educational, clinical, and support services. We are hospice care providers, child life specialists, servants for veterans, emotional and spiritual supporters, and grief counselors to families. Our dedicated volunteers provide non-medical and non-emergency assistance. This year, we introduced Palliative Care El Paso, a community based palliative care program for patients with severe illnesses who can have a team of multidisciplinary nurses along with their current providers.

Causes: Children and Youth, Health and Mental Well-being, Veterans

This year we are asking for donations for our Butterfly Program, which provides support to families whose children are undergoing serious medical care. Our pediatric specialists take a palliative approach when treating the child and help guide our families through the diagnosis. We are honored to work with Build-A-Bear. We record the child’s heartbeat and place it in the bear for the families to cherish forever. We also help grant wishes for our families and their children. Your donation can help us provide a child an opportunity of a lifetime, such as planning a special birthday party, or meeting their favorite local athlete.

We are also in need of donations to assist our palliative patients with purchasing medical supplies.Your donation of $75 could help us purchase needed at-home medical supplies that can ease their daily lives.

Since January, we were able to fund 75 of our 1,020 patients with their hospice care needs regardless of their ability to pay. For $180, we are able to cover a day’s cost of care for a patient in need.

All donations received today will help us continue our mission of providing hospice care to our community’s patients and families, regardless of their ability to pay. It will also help us provide them the emotional support they need. Your generous donation is greatly appreciated!

$35 of your donation, we can purchase this bear for a family.
Help Us Build More Bears
This is Ramiro, one of our pediatric patients being granted a wish.
Our Board Member, Matt Keats, helped grant Ramiro's wish of driving in a fast sports car.
This is Dahlia a 15-month baby who is in our butterfly program. We were able to grant her family a birthday party for her.
Our staff is all heart and comes together to help our families.
We honor our veterans providing a last thank you for their service to our country.
This is an example of what we provide our Veterans as their thank you for their life service to our Country.
This is Bo our pet therapy dog that visits our patients.
Our volunteers are all ages and help us with so many of our patients.
Medical, nursing, and undergrad students volunteer with us to learn the clinical and operational side of working at a non-profit hospice.
Jodi Gillett our Director of Community Outreach and Veterans Services wants to encourage you to give on Giving Day!