International Museum of Art El Paso
The International Museum of Art is the People’s Museum. Our goal is to foster cultural understanding through art and education. It is our mission to support and encourage the visual arts in El Paso and we strive to make art accessible to everyone. As a community-driven institution, we depend on people like you for support. Please partner with us during the 2023 El Paso Giving Day campaign. Your gift today of $11.41 is equal to one hour of our annual operating cost. A donation of $274.00 supports one full day of our operations. With your help, we are empowered to care for our historic Turney mansion, museum, art gallery, and elegant event venue.

Causes: Arts and Culture, Education

Since the late 1990s, the International Museum of Art has developed a distinct collection of local art and international artifacts in our breathtaking Turney Mansion. We proudly host exhibitions of local artists and share their talents with our community. In 2023, we partnered with the El Paso Opera, Tom Lea Institute, Frontera Land Alliance, and EPCC’s Senior Adult Program to host exciting programs. Thanks to members and donors like you, we can continue to offer free admission to the Museum and many of our programs. You can learn more about our past and upcoming shows at this link.

We are also thrilled to share our newest collection, Sue Koenig’s Window to the World, with the greater El Paso region. Sue, a generous benefactress from Colorado, spent 22 years traversing the globe, collecting unique items in each of the 110 countries she visited. Then, in 1996, Sue opened the Window to the World Museum based on the mission of building global understanding with her collection. Almost 50 years later, Window to the World is at the IMoA; we are honored to continue her work. You can learn more about this exciting collection by clicking here.

We depend on our Museum members, donors, community partners, and people like you to continue our work. Please donate to the IMoA on El Paso Giving Day 2023. With your help, we can continue making art accessible for everyone.

Guests welcome Sue Koenig's Window to the World to the IMOA
Guests welcome Sue Koenig's Window to the World to the IMOA
Board of Directors and guests welcome Sue Koenig's Window to the World to the IMOA
EPCC Senior Adult Program celebrate their Grand Gallery of Art with a live musical performace
Adair Margo and winning students of the Tom Lea Institute's contest exploring Lea's travels through China
Winners of the Tom Lea Institute's contest learning how to hang their artwork in the Turney Youth Gallery
Winners of the Tom Lea Institute's contest in front of their work in the Turney Youth Gallery
Guests gathered in the historic Turney Parlour to enjoy a performance by the El Paso Opera
Artists, friends and families celebrate the opening of Women United by Art
The Frontera Land Alliance shares samples from the Northern Chihuahuan desert in collaboration for Special Places and Wide Open Spaces