Jennifer Ann's Group
Teen dating violence is more pervasive and more dangerous than many people realize. ▬Did You Know: By the time they graduate from college, 44% of all students will have been in an abusive relationship!▬ Since 2006 Jennifer Ann's Group has been working to prevent teen dating violence through awareness and education. Our award winning 'Gaming Against Violence' program is an innovative and evidence-based approach to engaging young people about this serious issue. We produce, publish, and research prosocial video games about issues important to teens! These impactful games educate young people about topics like: the warning signs of abusive relationships; understanding and respecting consent; gaslighting; and healthy dating relationships. ♥We are proud to be endorsed by Sheriff Wiles!♥We are also proud to have collaborated with EPISD to have our prosocial video games played in schools throughout EPISD!♥ Jennifer Ann's Group has produced more than FIFTY prosocial video games designed for young people ages 11-22. All of our video games are 100% free; they have zero ads; and they do not have any privacy implications. The topics addressed in these innovative video games include: consent; bystander awareness; healthy relationships; and other related topics.

Causes: Education, Women's Issues, Youth

About Jennifer Ann

Jennifer Ann’s Group is named in memory of Jennifer Ann Crecente, a high school senior who was killed by her ex-boyfriend. Jennifer was born in Las Cruces and spent much of her youth in El Paso. Jen was in the daycare program at UTEP while her dad completed his undergraduate degree at UTEP’s College of Business and she continued to visit her grandparents in El Paso until her death.

In Jen’s name and in her memory Jennifer Ann’s Group was formed. Although we are a small organization we have had a significant impact on young people throughout El Paso – and throughout the world.

Selected Awards & Honors

  • Jennifer Ann’s Group recognized by Break the Cycle as a 2014 Trailblazer for their innovative use of prosocial video games to prevent violence
  • Our healthy relationship game HONEYMOON has been used with our free lesson plans at schools throughout EPISD.
  • 2016 Technology Association of Georgia - Media Mover Award official nominee
  • In 2018 Jennifer Ann’s Group collaborated with World Vision in Vanuatu to create a video game about consent for youth living in Vanuatu
  • 2019 Games for Change Awards - Most Significant Impact official nominee
  • Since 2008 we have published dozens of small but impactful video games that engage, educate, and empower young people. All games are 100% free and available to play online or for free download at iOS AppStore, Google Play, and Amazon Appstore. We even have a free quiz for your ‘Alexa’ device!
  • In 2017 and again in 2019 published research in peer-reviewed journals validates the effectiveness of our games at changing unhealthy beliefs and attitudes toward dating relationships and gender norms.
  • We have presented at conferences throughout El Paso, throughout the U.S., and Europe!

How We Are Funded

Our work is groundbreaking but we receive zero government funding and rely on sponsorships from Businesses, Individuals, and other Nonprofit Organizations. Our annual fundraiser is held every October in El Paso.

This year would be our 14th annual benefit but like so many others it has been cancelled due to COVID-19.

This annual event brings in approximately 90% of our funds for the year and so we are exploring new avenues to bring in donations. Our annual budget is under $100,000 and so donors looking to make a significant impact can do so by donating to us!

We hope that you will help and if you cannot that you will share our work with others regardless if you can donate or not — our goal is to help young people and their parents so that they don’t experience what we have been through.

Play & share our games! And encourage educators to explore these budget-friendly classroom resources.