Kelly Center for Hunger Relief
The Kelly Center for Hunger Relief is a local, independent nonprofit that has been providing hunger relief to El Paso’s families in need for 20 years. Your support during the El Paso Giving Day Campaign will help us continue to serve: more than 10,000 El Pasoans per month in our Food Pantry; more than 300 El Pasoans per year through our FreshStart Program; more than 60 El Pasoans per month through our Community Clothes Closet; and even more individuals who visit us for our free homeless food bags, free health screening events, on site job fairs, Zumba, Yoga and Tai Chi classes - and more!

Causes: Health and Mental Well-being, Hunger

Yes, the Kelly Center for Hunger Relief offers a Food Pantry five days a week, providing individuals and families with emergency food. But we’re so much more!

Kelly’s six primary programs areas are:

  1. Kelly's Food Pantry, which partners with the El Pasoans Fighting Hunger Food Bank and Jardin de Milagros farm to provide nutritious emergency and supplemental food to residents of El Paso County. Today, the Food Pantry serves approximately 10,000 individuals per month.

  2. Our FreshStart Program, which addresses the underlying causes of hunger by building long-term food security and self-sufficiency through coordinated case management and coaching. More than 300 individuals each year participate in the FreshStart Program.

  3. Our Community Clothes Closet, which provides free business and business casual clothing to the community, enabling individuals to become more self-sufficient.

  4. As part of our commitment to providing fresh, healthy food to our community, Kelly partners with Jardin de Milagros. This local farm generously donates more than 100,000 lbs. of their freshly picked, highly nutritious produce to Kelly each year.

  5. & 6. And finally, we support hunger and food insecurity Research and Advocacy. Kelly serves as a living lab for multi- disciplinary research on hunger. We build awareness of programs and policies that decrease poverty and increase food security.

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