Keystone Heritage Park, Inc.
Keystone Heritage Park & the El Paso Desert Botanical Gardens is, 58 acre park, within the city of El Paso and is one of the most unique parks in the Southwest. Keystone Heritage Park Association, Inc. All Volunteer 501c 3 not for profit organization.

Causes: Arts and Culture, Education, Environment

Keystone Heritage Park and the El Paso Desert Botanical Gardens: There is ongoing restoration and preservation of a “middle archaic” 4,500 year old archeological site of a Native American community and adjoining wetlands where there are more than 45 pit houses remnants on this site. Today those wetlands and the Keystone lake are home to over 220 species of birds many of whom winter there, or just use it as a spot to eat and rest on their migratory journey. The 20 acre “Chihuahuan Desert Experience” has hiking and walking trails, and Bird Viewing stands all around the spring fed lake at Keystone. This section is targeted to be completed by the end of 2021 when done it will emulate the range of beautiful plant species of the Chihuahuan Desert extending from Mexico City to the Mogollon Rim of New Mexico. Additionally, the 2-acre Desert Botanical Xeriscape Demonstration Garden is planted with 100’s of examples of “Water Smart/Drought Tolerant” plants, that can be used in yards and businesses throughout the El Paso Region. Also located in the gardens, is a Childrens section, meditation garden an entertainment amphitheater, outdoor Art Museum with statues, and art work. The gardens are he home to the third statue of the XII Travelers Statue program, Susan Magoffin. Our newest completed exhibit is a recreated Paraje, or rest stop, with Historic Designation signage throughout the park that provides a quick history lesson on the El Camino Real de Tierra Adentro, that runs from Mexico City through El Paso to Santa Fe, New Mexico, and subsequent events along the trail over the last 400 years. Keystone Heritage Park is designated, but not funded by, the National Park Service as a historic site.

Keystone Heritage Park Association, Inc. All Volunteer 501c 3 not for profit organization.

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