"Krishna Kitchen" Plant Based Food-Relief & Food Distribution • Krishna Kitchen's main goal is providing cooked food to those in the local community and engaging volunteers in the liberal distribution of karma-free plant based meals to everyone who is hungry. Raising Funds to Upgrade to a Commercial Kitchen: Wells WVU-96 Universal Ventless Hood - $61,816

Causes: Arts and Culture, Emergency Relief and Response , Hunger


• Krishna Kitchen is a registered nonprofit charitable organization in Texas established to bring peace and prosperity to the world through the liberal distribution of sanctified plant based meals.

Community based

• Krishna Kitchen is food distribution service providing plant based meals to the local community. Krishna Kitchen’s staff is primarily made up of volunteers, Krishna Kitchen employs a handful of individuals who fully support Krishna Kitchen’s efforts and purpose.

Legal Status

• Krishna Kitchen is registered within the state of Texas as a non profit organization since September 2019 and awarded nonprofit 501(c) (3) charitable organization status on March 22, 2022. Krishna Kitchen is funded mainly by sponsors both public & priate agencies, member donations & donations made by the recipients of Krishna Kitchen meals.

Aims of Krishna Kitchen

• Welfare: To eradicate hunger and malnutrition by providing free sanctified plant based meals to the disadvantaged, victims of disaster (natural or manmade), and to anyone or anywhere there is a need for food relief services.

• Health: To establish Krishna Kitchen Food Trucks, delivery services and commercial kitchens. All 3 will provide free plant based meals.

• Development: To establish Rural & Urban Farms whereby people are trained in bhakti yoga, cow protection, and sustainable agriculture, centered around Vedic cultural values. All development is to establish a residual flow of fresh produce to be cooked to thus provide meals for distribution.

• Hospitality: To revive the ancient Vedic culture of hospitality, and to teach people by example.

All Donations go to Krishna Kitchen food relief efforts & Krishna Food distribution.

Wells WVU-96 Universal Ventless Hood
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