La Nube
Opening in 2024, La Nube will be a space where imagination, like the clouds above, can take any shape. El Paso’s new hands-on center of imagination, exploration, and creativity was designed for children and adults to embrace their natural curiosity and learn through play. With nine themed learning experiences spread across four stories and 70,000 square feet of space, there will be endless opportunities for the people of our community to develop important skills while having an amazing time. Funding from El Paso Giving Day will help us provide a more welcoming space for children with sensory sensitivities.

Causes: Children and Youth, Education

Imagine a child who steps into La Nube for the first time, their eyes alight with wonder as they interact with hands-on exhibits, ask questions to passionate educators, and envision themselves as future scientists, mathematicians or engineers.

All children deserve that magical moment, where seeds of curiosity are sown and dreams can flourish. Funding from El Paso Giving Day will go directly to helping us ensure those magical moments are available for children with sensory sensitivities. With your support, we will purchase adaptive equipment, create special sensory-friendly events and more.

These events will bring families together to learn through play in an environment that supports the unique needs of children with autism and/or sensory differences. These smaller, controlled crowds will create a calm, uncrowded environment ideal for families in need of accommodations for high sensitivity to sensory stimuli, limited mobility, and generally in need of a calmer, quieter space. And, the adaptive equipment such as headphones, fidget toys and weighted items will help our guests enjoy the center more fully.