Las Americas Immigrant Advocacy Center
Las Americas advocates for immigrants living, working, and traveling through the Paso del Norte region. For 36 years Las Americas has leveraged our legal expertise, dedicated staff, and volunteer army to help tens-of-thousands of ordinary people navigate a U.S. immigration system that can be bureaucratic, even cruel, to ensure that people are afforded the dignity, rights, and opportunity that we all deserve. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit serving El Paso and west Texas, the state of New Mexico, and Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua.

Causes: Advocacy, Migration, Social Justice

This El Paso Giving Day, support Las Americas in establishing a client support program and help us serve vulnerable people holistically. We know from years of providing legal services that we aren’t just working with clients, we’re working with people with lives full of humanity and challenge. We also know that poverty can be an immense barrier to providing services.

It is difficult to provide effective legal services when someone is struggling with the lasting effects of physical or mental traumas, facing eviction or hunger, or where even getting to our office is a struggle. But when more than half of the people we serve have household incomes under $10,000/year these are the hurdles that we and our clients alike end up hard-pressed to overcome.

Legal relief and humanitarian relief go hand in hand. A client support fund, money that Las Americas can provide to the most vulnerable people we serve, can help overcome these obstacles.

Funds so that the immigrants we serve can know they are secure in their ability to access shelter, medication, food, baby and child products, healthcare, and transportation will alleviate urgent humanitarian needs and strengthen pathways to legal relief.

Holistic client support deepens our ability to succeed at achieving our mission of providing legal aid and your generosity can make this a possibility. Together, by making this investment today, we can ensure that vulnerable people get the dignity, opportunity, and due process they deserve.

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