Las Americas advocates for immigrants living, working, and traveling through the Paso del Norte region. For 35 years Las Americas has leveraged our legal expertise and dedicated staff to help tens-of-thousands of ordinary people navigate a U.S. immigration system that can be bureaucratic, even cruel, to ensure that people are afforded the dignity, rights, and opportunity that we all deserve. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit serving El Paso and west Texas, southern New Mexico, and Juarez, Chihuahua.

Causes: Advocacy, Migration, Social Justice

Our Impact

In our 2021-2022 Fiscal Year, through all of our work, Las Americas reached over 4000 people and provided legal services to more than 1300 people.

  • Las Americas met Angelina in an ICE detention center in June. A mother of three U.S. citizen children, she had lived in the U.S. without authorization for years before returning to Mexico to care for her dying mother. After her mother passed, a smuggler gave her fake documents to get back to her family in the U.S. Angelina was caught and ultimately transferred to immigration detention in El Paso. We helped obtain her release from detention on humanitarian parole based on her eligibility as a crime victim. Now she is reunited with her children and has permission to live and work in the U.S.

  • We have helped more than 2600 vulnerable people get exempted from Title 42 to seek asylum in the U.S. in dignity and safety.

  • The first individual Las Americas helped overcome the barrier of Title 42 to claim asylum in the U.S. was Julia, an LGBT+ asylum seeker from Honduras who was kidnapped and sexually assaulted while in Mexico. Multiple legal teams within Las Americas worked in coordination to ensure Julia could enter the U.S. to claim asylum and that she would be able to pursue her claim with the dignity and freedom she deserved. Through our efforts, Julia has been able to join her partner in the United States.

  • In 2021-2022 we helped 49 immigrants overcome domestic violence and 53 DACA recipients pursue their future in this country.

  • Nancy is a young woman who came to the U.S. as a child and has lived in the borderlands for over 20 years. After graduating from high school, Nancy pursued higher education and started a family. Since 2012, Nancy has worked with Las Americas to renew her DACA every two years to ensure that she can provide for her children as a single parent. Las Americas stands with those who rely on DACA for their livelihoods. We must create a permanent path to citizenship, stability, and opportunity for everyone who sees DACA as their lifeline in the U.S.

What We Do

We offer a broad scope of services to make sure that vulnerable immigrants in our region, no matter their circumstances, have access to high-quality legal support.

We help a wide range of immigrants living in the Borderland, our friends and family, neighbors and colleagues: young DACA recipients seeking opportunity and stability, immigrant victims of the Walmart shooting working through their trauma to aid authorities prosecuting that attack, or victims of domestic violence seeking a work permit to escape their abuser. For immigrants traveling through our region, we work to ensure, no matter what government hurdles–whether family separation or Title 42–are in place, that the most vulnerable have access to safety, dignity, and the right to asylum. And for persons in immigration detention in the Borderland, we provide legal orientation and support to ensure humane treatment, empower due process, and uplift hope.

Your Support Matters

Las Americas would not be here without the generous support of the people of the Paso del Norte region.

Your generosity and effort through these decades has helped us serve tens-of-thousands of people and make our goal of providing accessible, high-quality legal services a reality. Today, by donating to Las Americas, you will help our organization be able to respond to the dynamic challenges immigrants face at the U.S.-Mexico border with the dignity, dedication, and care that define our community.

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