Since opening our doors in 1987, Las Americas Immigrant Advocacy Center has served nearly 40,000 people from over 77 different countries. Our vision is that of a country where all immigrants have access to high-quality legal representation based on the principles of justice and human rights. In 2021 Las Americas continues to advocate for a full restoration of asylum protections at our border. We passionately represent all people on the move, immigrants and refugees alike. We fight for family reunification, safety and stability for all to remain in the United States.

Causes: Community Advocacy, Migration, Social Justice

We are stronger because of you.

Our commitment to this work is rooted in love, respect, and dignity.

This year we have:

-Helped 1,500 asylum seekers enter the U.S. safely and securely.

-Provided 3,500 legal intakes across all of our programs. 2,400 more intakes than last year

-Provided DACA workshops and assisted in dozens of DACA renewals and new applications

-Provided legal counsel to 544 people facing deportation by ICE & CBP

-Helped prepare over 100 people for a credible fear interview

-Provided legal advice and education to over 4,000 people being processed into the US out of Remain in Mexico (MPP)

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