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The purpose of Law N' Paws is: (1) To rescue at-risk abused and neglected animals. (2) To educate the community on humane and loving treatment of all animals by reducing overpopulation through humane spay and neuter and encouraging long-term, forever commitment. (3) To encourage the public to recognize and report animal abuse. (4) To assist the El Paso Police Department's Animal Cruelty Unit by taking in the animal victims of abuse and getting them the medical attention that they need with the importance of collecting, documenting and preserving evidence for the criminal prosecution of case (5) Our ultimate goal is finding these innocent animals the loving homes that the desperately deserve after spay/neuter, vaccinations and receiving microchips.

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Law N’ Paws is a unique rescue group that was established in 2017 by El Paso Police Detective, Vanessa Acosta. We are a 501c(3) non-profit group and have rescued over 300 victims of animal cruelty and neglect.

Law N’ Paws evolved when Detective Acosta began investigating animal cruelty and neglect cases with the police department. She soon realized the need to take it a step further, going above and beyond to help animal victims on her own time. She began to seek out medical care for the rescue animals in need, paying out of her own pocket. After the first rescue puppy, “Raven” was successfully rehabilitated and placed in a safe forever home, Law N’ Paws was born.

Shortly after Law N’ Paws wasformed, Detective Acosta began to research cases of animal cruelty and studythe nature of the crime. Detective Acosta learned that the offenders involved in hurting animals often were violent criminals. These offenders usually would start hurting animals as a power and control method, and would eventually move to transferring their aggression to hurting children, elderly, and/or their spouses. Also through this research, she learned that serial killers and active shooter incidents involving schools, all have a common denominator of having started hurting animals before they transferred their aggression to humans. Detective Acosta also conducted research on local police cases of animal cruelty, and these cases confirmed that offenders of animal cruelty have a history of violence. Currently showing about 20% of arrests for animal cruelty are related to human violence or family related aggression incidents during the actual abuse of an animal, and 40% related to the overall history of the offender having human violence or family related aggression.

The research gathered by Detective Acosta was presented to El Paso Police Department Chief Allen, he decided there was a need for a specialized unit and formed the Animal Cruelty Investigations Unit in November 2017. The unit was formed in order to study, investigate cases, and stop these violent offenders early on in their development of violence.

After the unit was formed, Detective Acosta learned that many of the animal cruelty victims had to be processed through animal services. Animal victims had to be seen by veterinarians at animal services for veterinary assessments to show the abuse the animal had endured. This is of upmost importance to prove a strong criminal case. Due to animal services having limited funding, and a lack of equipment, the veterinarians were not able to provide good veterinary assessments of victims to support evidence of animal cruelty cases. For example, if an animal suffered a broken limb by the hand of an offender, animal services veterinarians do not have assessable an x-ray machine to do radiographs to support criminal cases that an offender had fractured an animals limb. Many other examples exist which posed an issue to development of solid and sound criminal cases.

Detective Acosta decided that her rescue Law N’ Paws needed to take even another step further, and use the rescue to assist with veterinary assessments through outside veterinarians, in order to provide support for criminal cases. Not only were the animal cruelty victims being rescued and treated, Law N’ Paws was collecting, documenting, and preserving evidence for criminal prosecution of cases. This is time consuming and costly.

Currently our animal cruelty victims are kenneled in a temporary facility, and our ultimate goal is to find a permanent facility leading to eventually finding a loving forever home for these animals. At this time, a permanent facility is needed so we can continue to protect our animal cruelty victims, so they can get medical treatment, rehabilitated and adoptedout into a home.

Relying strictly on donations, we now humbly ask for your help. We do need funding to continue to help animal cruelty victims get medical care, veterinary assessments to support our criminal cases, to improve the building maintenance of our temporary facility where our victims our currently being kenneled, and ultimately funding a permanent location and facility for use years to come.

Your donation will allow us to continue our mission to protect animal cruelty victims and prosecute criminals of animal abuse. And, of upmost importantly help animals who cannot help themselves.

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