Mija, Yes You Can.
We strive at spreading women empowerment with one simple phrase, “Mija, Yes you can.” Through our organization we aim at supporting other non-profits, provide scholarships for women of all ages, create workshops and conferences for students and professionals and provide resources for women nationwide.

Causes: Community Advocacy, Education, Women's Issues

Spreading women empowerment with one simple phrase, “Mija, Yes you can.”

On March 8, 2020, International Women’s Day, our founder launched a project that she had held in for months because she wasn’t sure if this “silly little project” would amount to anything. That’s when she heard her mom’s voice calmly telling her, “Mija, Yes you can,” and turns out mom was right.

Six months after the creation of the Mija Project our team of women has grown to include board members that share the same passion and dedication to creating a platform that allows other women to connect, relate and feel empowered!

“Mija, Yes you can” aims at telling the stories of women of all ages who have achieved great things through obstacles big or small. We hope to provide a platform that allows women to encourage each other and most importantly relate to one another, because you never truly realize how much you can relate to others until you share your story with the world.

There’s a reason our phrase is in both Spanish and English. The phrase is meant to reach ALL women of ALL races and ethnicities. We are proud of our Mexican culture and invite others to join us in this movement that includes ALL women.

The Mija Project’s mission is to provide scholarships for young women who need financial assistance for their college education. To create scholarships for older women who had to put their college education on hold but want to continue pursuing their dreams. To create workshops that allow women in our community to network and gather together to share their stories and to continue partnering with other local non-profit organizations to bring awareness to their missions as well.

The Mija Project is a team of women who want to remind the world to never underestimate the ability of a determined woman. Young or old, experienced or inexperienced. When a women is determined to do something it will get done. Why? Because Mija, Yes you can.