One Sky
Some young adults have everything they need to start their career. Others may have the ambition, but lack the relationships and resources to turn their dreams into reality. They may settle for less or simply get "stuck." One Sky's mission is to connect individuals with people, places, and experiences, equipping them to grow personally and impact their world.

Causes: Children and Youth, Education, Health and Mental Well-being

We believe real-world adventures make the most capable people. We believe all people can live with integrity, be resilient, and lead their families and communities. One Sky is dedicated to helping young adults reach their full potential by creating a program based on five principles: 1) outdoor experiences, 2) geographically diverse cohorts, 3) personal development, 4) professional development, and 5) mentorship.

One Sky elevates each participant’s Dream, encourages them to Discover their calling, equips them to Develop their skills, and Dares them to redefine themselves, and seize new opportunities.

The program is for young adults 18-25 years old and consists of:

• Outdoor Retreat: equine experiences, challenge course, river rafting, team building, “Level Up” sessions on personal finance, professional etiquette and life resilience.

• Career Course: explore personality traits and transferable skills, develop a life plan, and conduct informational interviews.

• Shadow Days: law enforcement, nonprofit, nature/wildlife, business/technology

**UPDATE: The 2023-2024 pilot cohort completed the outdoor retreat in McCammon, Idaho in late July. The four participants–two from El Paso and two from Alaska–are matriculating through the career course as of September. We will track their baseline attainment and follow up in the months and years thereafter to follow their trajectory as they get established. You can Track their progress on Instagram @OneSkyFund.

Our goal for El Paso Giving Day 2023 is $30,000 to fund our next cohort of eight participants which begins summer 2024!

The One Sky program is scalable and deployable anywhere, at any time of year. The sky’s the limit to the number of young people One Sky can impact! Members of our board of directors are accomplished in their respective fields and serve as program facilitators. The current board is composed of professionals from Alaska, Idaho, Washington state, and West Texas.

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Members of Pilot Cohort 2023: Snake River, Wyoming
2023 Challenge Course: Idaho State University
2023 Challenge Course: Idaho State University
2023 Southeast Idaho Equine
Logo + Core Values
2023 Career Course: Flight Deck Life School
2023 Cohort: Southeast Idaho Equine
2023 Level Up Session: Personal Finance
2023: Making New Friends