Paso del Norte Trail
The Paso Del Norte Trail, currently 30% complete, promises to be El Paso's destination of wellness, community, and nature. As we strive to complete 40 miles of the Paso del Norte Trail, donations from El Paso Giving Day will fund multi-use trail amenities and community events that celebrate recreation, the outdoors, and our unique community. Help us build more than just a trail; let’s create a legacy for El Pasoans and future generations together.

Causes: Education, Environment, Health and Mental Well-being

The Paso del Norte Trail is a county-wide, community-driven project developed in 2018, continuing the work initially envisioned as part of the Rio Grande Riverpark & Trail System in the early 2000s. The trail aims to provide more opportunities for walking, hiking, and bicycling for everyone. The trail celebrate our region’s rich culture and history with connections to relevant landmarks. The trail connects and facilitates access to these destinations through walking and bicycling.

Your Impact:

Completed segments of the trail – the River Park Trail and the Playa Drain Trail – provide opportunities for organized walks and bike rides, running competitions, neighborhood events, and access to nature. In December 2022, luminarias lined the Independence Trail and mariachis entertained residents at neighborhood event, Playa del Luminarias. The Playa Drain Trail is a segment that is commonly used during the annual El Paso Marathon. Thanks to the support of the trail, since 2018, more than $18 million has been raised to design and construct 12 more miles of trail. We currently have new segments under design including a new hike and bike trail connecting the El Paso Zoo to the Alameda Roundabout. Another segment will connect the Playa Trail at Capistrano Park to San Elizario.

Why Support Us on El Paso Giving Day?

  • Exploration: Our trail provides an excellent opportunity for people to explore their neighborhood and community in an engaging environment.

  • Community Integration: Our trail is more than just a pathway; it’s a connector, bringing diverse communities closer together.

  • Health and Wellness: We promote active lifestyles, giving residents scenic, safe venues to walk, cycle, and run.

  • Conservation: The trail is a great place to see our region’s native flora and fauna.

  • Heritage and Education: Informational signages, guided tours, and community events, that celebrate the rich tapestry of El Paso’s culture.

How Will Your Donations Be Utilized?

  • Trail Amenities: Adding benches, safety features, wayfinding, waste disposal, lighting, art fixtures, shade structures, and landscaping to enhance the trail experience.

  • Environmental Initiatives: Planting native species and hosting clean-up events.

  • Community Events: Organizing walks, bike rides, races, and neighborhood events that celebrate the trail.

  • Expansion Projects: Planning to connect even more neighborhoods, creating a more unified El Paso.

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