Permanencia Voluntaria Film Fund
Permanencia Voluntaria Film Fund
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Welcome to Permanencia Voluntaria! As a hero of film, this particular non-profit located in Tepoztlan, Mexico has always stood apart as one of the few archives that preserves popular Mexican cinema. Often looked down upon by its big brother archives and critics for its quirky choice, it battles on courageously as it rescues, conserves, and preserves a diverse array of materials: 16 and 35mm film elements, video and audiotapes, photos, posters, and other ephemera. Not satisfied with simply sheltering and sharing films and filmic materials, Permanencia Voluntaria also seeks to conserve the experience of popular Mexican cinema and create new lines of interpretation for the cinema. The materials that have been collected, both original and unique, revive the universe of voices, ambiance of viewing, and complete aesthetic that gave life to the cinema. Come and join us in the battle to conserve our history of Mexican film!

Permanencia Voluntaria Archive - Why We Exist from Viviana Garcia Besne on Vimeo.

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