Pioneers 21
P21 formerly Hub of Human Innovation encourages regional economic development by helping to nurture ideas into self-sustaining companies and providing significant outreach and educational opportunities that cultivate innovation. Our incubation service provides direct business assistance, mentoring, networking, access to capital and talent, and other technical resources, as well as facility space and shared use of common office equipment. It is a regional center to pool resources, gain critical mass, and align incentives for a sustained period. Incubated companies have reduced barriers to enter the marketplace through the networking and mentoring provided, and private investors are given a chance to invest in business ventures rather than just real estate. #supportsmallbusiness #innovate #create #economicdevelopment #entrepeneurship #startup #incubation #incubator

Causes: Community Advocacy, Education, Entrepreneurship

We believe the U.S.- Mexico border is the land of the pioneers of the 21st Century – hence our name: Pioneers 21.

Our mission is to unleash the creative and economic potential of the U.S.-Mexico border region. We do that by supporting entrepreneurs to turn ideas into businesses or to grow an existing business.

We are committed to share with the world El Paso’s story and to change the narrative of the U.S.- Mexico Border.

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