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Planned Parenthood - Caring for the El Paso Community

For more than 85 years, Texans have trusted Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas to provide high-quality healthcare. Since opening in El Paso in 2018, more than 3,600 patients have received healthcare services at Planned Parenthood. Even as we face the COVID-19 pandemic, our services remain available to those who count on us for care, no matter what. Telehealth is expanding to include the Planned Parenthood Direct app as well as private, secure video conferencing appointments with our healthcare experts.

Planned Parenthood patients benefit from the full range of essential, reproductive healthcare services, including: sexually transmitted infection testing and treatment, breast and cervical cancer screenings, birth control, gender affirming hormone therapy, HIV testing, as well as PrEP and PEP HIV prevention medication.

Our education and advocacy programs are now virtual during the pandemic. Our health educators are reaching teens through a 7 day a week chat/text line and are conducting education sessions- such as the “how to be an ask-able parent” workshop- online instead of in-person. Advocates for Planned Parenthood are continuing to connect with supporters through virtual meet-ups and “teach ins” on the latest advocacy issues.

Addressing the Needs of the Paso del Norte Community

In El Paso, 20.9 percent of people are without health insurance and the poverty rate is 20 percent. Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas has served as a critical entry point into the healthcare system for thousands of uninsured and low-income patients in the Paso del Norte community. Typically, more than half of the patients served through Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas health centers are uninsured or have an annual household income below 200% the federal poverty level ($24,980).

As more people experience job loss and other economic impacts of COVID-19, their access to affordable healthcare is more at risk than ever. Your support of Planned Parenthood is critical to providing access to essential reproductive health services, as we deliver reproductive healthcare for many vulnerable patients. We know that communities are healthier when they have access to affordable, accessible preventive reproductive healthcare services. In providing access to essential reproductive health services, you expand access to healthcare, reduce negative reproductive health outcomes, keep patients out of emergency rooms so that hospitals can focus on meeting the patient volume caused by COVID-19, as well as improve health equity.

Adverse health outcomes occur more frequently among minorities and people with lower levels of income. We seek to reduce these disparities by increasing access to essential healthcare so that patients of color can get care regardless of insurance standing, income level, documentation status, who they are, or who they love.

You can provide care for those who rely on Planned Parenthood. Your gift will change lives!

Hear from Patients in El Paso!

“Even in these strange and uncertain times, you are still going to work and helping patients in need. I am behind you and support you!” – Megan, El Paso

“Everyone is so nice and accommodating! They make me feel very comfortable no matter what my visit is for! Their positivity radiates even through telecommunication.” – a Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas patient, El Paso

“My practitioner put me at ease and helped me feel validated. Her knowledge and experience with other trans patients going through gender affirming hormone therapy helped in determining the best transition plan for me.” – a Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas patient, El Paso