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Planned Parenthood - Caring for the El Paso Community

“I had a very good experience at the El Paso health center. This was my first time visiting Planned Parenthood and I was pleased to have been treated so kindly and to receive great care. I appreciate all the help I received here from the staff.” -Rosey, a Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas patient, El Paso

Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas builds healthier communities. We provide trusted, evidence-based sexual healthcare and education while advocating for reproductive justice, care without judgment, and access to healthcare for all. We are committed to a world in which everyone can access quality healthcare and information to live their lives fully, without judgment.

Five years ago in October, our health center opened in El Paso. As we celebrate five years of care in El Paso, we are grateful for advocates, partners, and supporters who make our mission possible. Providing medically-accurate health education and healthcare in a community where persistent barriers exist is made possible by supporters like you!

More than 1,800 patients received affordable, expert healthcare at Planned Parenthood’s health center last year in El Paso. Our El Paso team is proud of their roots in the region and the culturally competent, bilingual care for patients provided by Planned Parenthood. In-person and through telemedicine, we are a trusted resource for sexual healthcare in the border community.

Planned Parenthood patients count on Planned Parenthood for healthcare services that include:

• preventive exams,

• birth control (including IUDs and implants),

• pregnancy options education,

• testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections (STIs),

• screenings for breast and cervical cancer,

• HPV vaccines to prevent cervical cancer,

• PEP and PrEP medication to prevent HIV,

• gender-affirming hormone therapy,

• and more.

Community health educators are available to answer questions about sexual and reproductive health 7 days a week through Planned Parenthood’s national chat/text program. El Pasoans rely on this service for answers to questions about sexual health in real-time. Our community health educator offers education workshops, including Planned Parenthood’s signature Puberty Parties and Habla Primero/Talk First programs in English and Spanish at no cost for participants.

Puberty Parties are science-based education workshops for children in 4th and 5th grades that create a safe, age-appropriate environment for children to learn about consent, healthy friendships, and their changing bodies. Habla Primero is an education program that empowers parents and caregivers with the knowledge and skills to have important conversations with their children based on research that shows that young people who talk with a trusted adult are more likely to delay sexual activity.

With your support, we are proud to be celebrating five years of healthcare and education in the El Paso community.

Addressing the Needs of the Paso del Norte Community

In El Paso County, estimates show 23.5 percent of residents are uninsured, and the poverty rate is 20.1 percent. ( Through donor support, Planned Parenthood provides healthcare at reduced or no cost, Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas serves as a essential source for healthcare for thousands of uninsured or low-income patients in the Paso del Norte community.

Texas has the 9th highest teen pregnancy rate and is tied at #1 with Alabama for the highest rate of repeat teen pregnancy in the nation. Yet, each year, more than 4 million Texas students do not receive even basic sexual health education, and of those that do, 60% of sex education in Texas is abstinence-only. Abstinence-only programs have not been proven effective at lowering teen pregnancy or STI rates. (

We are committed to creating equitable access to healthcare for all, regardless of documentation or insurance status, income level, where you live or who you love.

Please support our vision of a world in which everyone can access quality healthcare and information to live their lives fully, without judgment. Support essential healthcare. Strengthen El Paso. Stand with Planned Parenthood – no matter what.