Planty for the People
Planty for the People is a nonprofit that focuses on empowering the community through food access and education. Planty for the People hopes to use its platform to break through a regional food desert, provide meals with the utmost dignity, and foster unity in the community through educational programs.

Causes: Education, Health and Wellness, Poverty and Hunger

Who We Are

Planty for the People is a nonprofit 501(c)3 that seeks to bridge gaps of healthy food access in the food deserts of our city. Through a pay it forward diner, community supported gardening, and special outreach and educational opportunities, we are aiming to create a community centered space that hopes to bring about wellness to an underserved area of El Paso. We believe that good, healthy food and a sense of community is a right for everyone and want to present a commonplace in which these things may be cultivated and sustainably nurtured.

What We Do

Planty for the People has multiple, ongoing programs related to food access and education. Through our pay-it-forward program, volunteers that work a minimum of one hour qualify for a prepared meal, sponsored by our partners. We have a total of 52 garden beds currently on site and host garden education classes covering topics that include: starting your own compost, germinating and sowing seeds, dealing with pests, harvesting and working with the seasons, and seed saving. We offer plant-based cooking classes to promote the intake of more fruits and vegetables with sponsorships available to at risk demographics. And our pay-what-you-can produce program makes fresh produce from our garden available for the entire El Paso area. We believe that we can address the food deserts of our local community with these programs, and bring a sustainable community culture based around fresh, plant based food access.

Where Does My Donation Go?

1.) Community Food Pantry: We will be using donations to provide an additional avenue of food access to our neighboring community. We plan to use funds to build and install a community food pantry, accessible on the southwest corner of the property by the bus stop. We will also be purchasing a large, commercial dehydrator, drying racks, tools and packaging items so we can make some of our garden grown products available for dry storage. We will also stock our community pantry with much needed toiletries and PPE (i.e. masks and gloves).

2.) Garden Enhancement: We are in need of an in-house fertilizing system to maximize our produce production efforts to continue providing produce under our Pay-What-You-Can model. All of our organically grown produce is available to the community by donation. We plan to purchase and install a compost brewing system to enhance production and utilize it as an organic fertilizer and pesticide and soil conditioner.

3.) Community Garden Essentials: We are in constant need of community shared hand tools, gloves, seeds, soil amendments, and garden equipment. Our hands on community gardening provides educational experience to our volunteers in hopes of encouraging more home growers all while working together to feed our community!