ProAction, Inc./Immunize El Paso
To improve lives and communities by providing immunization and other prevention-based care, allied health and first responder education, and Emergency Medical Services (EMS).

Causes: Children and Youth, Education, Health and Mental Well-being

ProAction Emergency Services Institute:

  • Provides life-saving courses and certifications to first responders, healthcare professionals, teachers and community members across our El Paso community, Las Cruces, Deming, Otero County, and Borderplex region. Last year, we provided over 2,000 courses.
  • Growing the next generation of first-responders and creating educational opportunities in our underserved region is critical. In 2022, our Training Center graduated 106 EMTs who are now in a high demand career field.

Immunize El Paso: A Clinic Without Walls

  • We take vital services such as childhood and adult immunizations and influenza vaccination programs to locations where patients would not have access without our programs.
  • We are one of the area’s most significant “Vaccine for Children” Program providers, making immunizations accessible to all children regardless of barriers such as income, transportation, or immigration status.
  • In 2022, we provided immunizations to 87,814 community members.

Medical Standby:

  • As part of our mission, we employ several of our EMT graduates by offering the services required for EMS & First Aid medical standby support at special events across our entire Borderplex community. Festivals, professional athletic games, concerts and university activities are just a few of the activities we support.
  • In 2022, our Medical Standby Team staffed over 1,000 events.

**Why give to us? ** ProAction plays a vital role in serving our community as “unsung heroes.” Our organization is mission-driven with three key areas of service to our community: * Create equitable access to critical immunizations; * Provide life-saving medical support services at community events; * Build educational opportunities in high-demand healthcare fields.

ProAction provides fully equipped first-responders at the activities and venues we enjoy with our friends and family. Although we hope you’ll never have to use our services during an emergency situation, our team is prepared when called upon because of the training we provide. Our most vulnerable and underserved community members can receive critical vaccinations regardless of financial means and transportation because we are committed to equitable access.

We can’t do it alone!

Make a difference today and make a donation that can save a life, provide timely access to vaccinations for vulnerable community members or offer scholarship support for EMT students pursuing a high-demand career that will change their life and future generations.