"Amistad” means friendship in the tradition of the good Samaritan. Since 1976, Amistad has been a social service organization that provides ‘wrap-around’ services to a wide spectrum of persons in need to include: persons with disabilities, low-income, elderly, incapacitated, Veterans and homeless. Now carried proudly in the hands of employees, these services bring care with compassion to those who might otherwise be neglected from meeting their needs, and ultimately empowering them to stand on their own. Our Mission is to advocate, connect, and deliver exceptional social services to communities, ensuring a dignified and meaningful life for all.

Causes: Disability Services, Senior Services, Veterans

Imagine needing a medical treatment and not having the transportation to get to your appointments.

Imagine being an elderly person or a person with a disability, not able to make decisions about your own healthcare and wellbeing, and without a family member to look after you.

Imagine being an elderly person on a fixed income, cannot afford to pay your water bill, and are at risk of having your service disconnected.

Imagine being a Veteran, who after serving your country, you are now struggling with PTSD and to make ends meet, trying to pay rent/mortgage and utilities.

Imagine having depression, anxiety, or grieving a loss, and not having the resources to seek mental health services that can make a difference in your life.

Now imagine being in any of these scenarios and add the stress of the COVID-19 pandemic. This is the reality for our clients, but Amistad has been here for them before, during, and will continue to be after the pandemic. COVID-19 has not stopped Amistad from continuing to serve our community, rather it has shed light on the importance of the essential services we provide to our clients. Throughout the pandemic, Amistad’s COVID-19 Response Team has been dedicated to providing transportation to presumed or positive COVID-19 clients to their medical appointments and to testing facilities. In addition, through CARES Act funding granted by the City of El Paso, Amistad has been able to provide utility assistance to El Paso residents who have directly impacted by the pandemic.

Using Amistad resources, we have been able to innovate and adapt to the on-going pandemic, while still providing regular services to our clients who have relied on us more than ever. All this has been possible through the hard work of all our employees and support from our partners and community.

This El Paso Giving Day, support Amistad to ensure we continue to provide essential services for our community, for you and your loved ones.

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