Project Vida
Project Vida believes in creating and bringing services that help the community move forward. We believe we carry responsibility to create impact in individual lives, in families, in neighborhoods and throughout the community. El Paso’s people are a true gift, and Project Vida strives to make sure each child, teen, adult and senior we serve reaches their full potential. We trust that you our supporters agree with our vision and believe in the changes we can make through best practices early childhood development, child care and parenting education; after-school enrichment and youth development (gang prevention); homelessness prevention and recovery; supportive housing for chronically homeless families; economic empowerment for low- and moderate-income microenterprise owners; affordable and supportive housing; financial literacy and education; numerous outreach and wellness programs and activities; and a network of primary and behavioral health clinics throughout El Paso and Hudspeth Counties. With our pillars of Responsibility, Compassion and Forgiveness, and your partnership, Project Vida will pursue bringing programs and structures that impact El Pasoans, create stable and sustainable lives, and ensure that we move forward as a community.

Causes: Education, Health and Wellness, Homelessness and Housing

Project Vida began in 1991 in a small adobe home in the Chamizal neighborhood of south-central El Paso. We wanted to know what people in the neighborhood felt they needed in order to improve their overall quality of life. We have been able to build strong relationships with our community through Community Congresses. These are meetings citizen- driven where participants determine what they need as a community and how they believe that can be achieved. From those events, it was determined that the community wanted to address education; healthcare; affordable housing; gang prevention; homelessness; and later, the needs of small business owners. Project Vida has addressed all of these issues by building affordable low-income rental housing; building clinics and providing high quality, low cost healthcare; creating a homelessness prevention and recovery program; developing a best practice, curriculum-based early childhood education program; offering dynamic after-school enrichment; and providing microenterprise technical assistance and support.

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