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Radford School's mission is to encourage and enable, at the highest level, the search for knowledge, skill, and understanding. The following objectives support our mission: To instill in each student a sense of duty, honor, integrity, and good manners, as well as respect for oneself and others. To develop students who can think clearly, objectively, creatively, and independently and read critically and write intelligently. To develop student communication skills in writing and speaking. To develop student insight into the institutions and values with which society is concerned. To develop an appreciation for cultural diversity and cross-cultural understanding. To prepare, stimulate, and encourage each student to pursue post-secondary education after graduation.Introduction goes here. The vision of Radford School is to graduate respectful, confident, mature, and productive young adults who are prepared for academic and social success at the university level and beyond. Radford is the oldest private school in El Paso, Texas. Founded in 1910 by a local businessmen group, the school was first known as the El Paso School for Girls.

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Our challenging curriculum develops our students as learners and productive citizens to the greatest extent possible. With the assistance of parents, the faculty and administration continue to help students profit from intellectual challenges that they will face in the future. Additionally, students are assisted in formulating short and long-range goals for self-improvement leading to a fulfilling and rewarding life after graduation.

Admission to Radford is based on past academic performance and potential without regard to religious creed or national origin. Please visit our Admissions page for information about admissions requirements. The Radford experience provides an international exchange of knowledge, ideas, and customs because of the diverse, multicultural student body. The Radford student population includes students from many different countries of the world.

The Radford philosophy includes the motto disco ut servem, which translated means: I learn that I may serve. To instill the value of becoming productive citizens of our society, Radford students are expected to serve their community by performing some form of community service in an ongoing project throughout their middle and high school years.

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