Rio Grande Cancer Foundation
Every year over 4,000 of our family members, friends and colleagues are diagnosed with cancer in our community. On El Paso Giving Day, your donation can have a dramatic impact on the lives of those who are facing the challenges of their cancer experience. For more than 25 years, the Rio Grande Cancer Foundation has helped alleviate the considerable burden of cancer for thousands of El Pasoans. Your donation enables us to provide direct support to those undergoing a cancer journey and every dollar raised is kept in El Paso for those living with, through and beyond cancer!

Causes: Health and Mental Well-being, Senior Services, Women's Issues


Give the Gift of Cancer Care

The Rio Grande Cancer Foundation works to turn your donations into hope in these and many other ways:

Your $25 Gift: Women who are undergoing breast cancer treatment are not only faced with medical challenges, but their lives are also impacted in profoundly personal ways. The Rio Grande Cancer Foundation works to help provide bras and garment fitting services that help ease their cancer journey. Your $25 donation can provide a mastectomy bra for a breast cancer patient who may struggle with finding access to the appropriate bra to suit her needs.

Your $35 Gift: Cancer can bring an insurmountable financial burden. Even those cancer patients who have insurance are faced with higher-than-expected expenses for medications or medical needs. Your $35 donation will assist us in providing pre-paid cards for their use during this most difficult time. Each month, the Rio Grande Cancer Foundation provides thousands of dollars of financial assistance in the form of these pre-paid cards.

Your $50 Gift: The unfortunate truth about cancer treatment, chemotherapy in particular, is the patient’s loss of hair. Many cancer patients struggle to maintain a ‘normal’ lifestyle and appearance during their treatment. Providing wigs or toupees for these patients can lift their spirits in immeasurable ways. Your $50 donation can provide that lift.

Your $100 Gift: One of the less obvious challenges a cancer patient experiences is the need to purchase specialty garments like lymphedema compression sleeves or a mastectomy prosthetic during their treatment. Many patients may not be able to find the appropriate garment or money to purchase these items. Your $100 gift can help provide the peace of mind and comfort they need.

Your $250 Gift: Just as a cancer diagnosis is difficult, the financial impact of cancer can be equally traumatic. Many cancer patients who are facing treatment may find it difficult to pay for simple, everyday items. We gift a limited amount of our patients a $250 pre-paid card to help cover some of their expenses. Your $250 dollar donation will allow us to help one more patient this month.

Your $500 Gift: Cancer Treatment may require a patient to travel unexpectedly. Finding money to take these life-saving trips maybe nearly impossible for some. Your $500 donation can get them there and help provide the care they require.

Our services improve patient experience and preserve an enhanced quality of life.

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