SK8 4KIDS MISSION STATEMENT To be a charitable and educational organization fostering amateur sports competition and to promote social welfare of youths in underserved communities. To combat juvenile delinquency by fostering deep social connections with other youths through team building and mentoring through skateboarding. To financially support youths through their journey of learning and developing new social & mental skills with skateboarding sports. To help High School students earn community service hours for graduation through the cleaning of community parks and mentoring of small children on learning how to skate, fostering responsibly and pride.

Causes: Children and Youth, Education, Health and Mental Well-being

SK8 4KIDS Has been providing youths in our El Paso community with equipment and training opportunities since May 2023. We became a Non-Profit organization in August 2023.

Since the begining our objectives is:

To provide learning situations for the development of leadership, responsibility, and effective citizenship.

To provide challenging experiences through skateboarding that will enable young people to become skilled and proficient in their selected areas of the sport for competition and recreation.

To help each member experience personal growth and achievement, as well as be of service to others.

High school students may earn community service hours for volunteering in park cleaning and mentoring small children in teaching of skateboarding skills during events

Much needed shoes
Birthday Party at the Park
Kids and Coaching Staff sk8ing in Horizon
Peer to Peer Help and Team Building
Providing equipment to our underserved youth
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Our Goal $25,000
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