Twelve (12) Travelers Memorial of the Southwest
MISSION STATEMENT: To celebrate our region’s rich history with monumental bronze statues commemorating the diverse men and women who traveled through the Pass of the North over the past 500 years. MISIÓN: Para celebrar la rica historia de nuestra región con monumentales estatuas de bronce que conmemoran a los diversos hombres y mujeres que viajaron a través del Paso del Norte durante los útimos 500 años. s here.

Causes: Arts and Culture

                     “BENITO JUAREZ-CHILD TO MAN”
The Benito Juarez Monument, the fourth bronze statue 
in the XII Travelers Memorial of the Southwest series 
sculpted by Ethan Taliesin Houser, will be placed at 
the Chamizal National Memorial.    

The statue and the accompanying medallion with the heads 
of Abraham Lincoln and Benito Juarez will reinforce 
the symbolic relationship of the friendship between 
Mexico and the United States. Such a commemoration was 
promised in 1963 in the subdocuments of the Chamizal Treaty.  

In 1964, Ciudad Juarez erected a statue of Abraham Lincoln 
on the Mexican side near the Chamizal, but we never fulfilled 
our part of the bargain.

The larger-than-life sculpture depicts two versions of Juarez- 
as a 12-year old seated on a bench as an illiterate Zapotec 
Indian sheepherder from Oaxaca and presiding as Mexico’s greatest 
President of the Republic for nine months in Paso del Norte 
(now Ciudad Juarez). There is room between the two Juarez 
renderings to sit on the public art sculpture and reflect 
or take a selfie.