West Texas Tails Rescue
Saving one dog will not change the world, but for that one dog the world will change forever. Rescue means leading with your whole heart, non-biased and willing to go the distance, even when it's hard. West Texas Tails is a small, foster-based rescue that really depends on donations form the community to change the lives of dogs in need. Please help us continue our work for these deserving pups, no amount is too small.

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        ** About West Texas Tails Rescue**

Welcome to the tale of West Texas Tails Rescue! This organization is based on two of our loving girls Baby Ruth, and Khaleesi.

Baby Ruth was a white pitbull that was found pregnant in the desert. Baby Ruth gave birth to 11 premature puppies. That night, all passed away except 2. The day after, the surviving 2 passed away. Baby Ruth absolutely LOVED her babies, and was completely heart broken after their passing. She fell into a depression and refused to come out of her kennel or eat for a few days. Once she finally started to come around, she was never the same. She showed signs of anxiety when she was found, but her anxiety quickly began to worsen. Her parents tried everything for her. They reached out to multiple trainers, and veterinarians for advice. Baby Ruth was on a series of medications. The medication never truly calmed her anxiety but made it manageable. Little by little, the medication wasn’t enough. She began do “self harm” trying to break out of any sort of containment, including a bedroom. Her parents turned off anything that would trigger her i.e. the microwave, smoke alarm, and oven to try and keep her comfortable. Even with all those steps taken, and more medication, Baby Ruth began to get worse. Her injuries became more severe. Unfortunately after 4 years, her parents decided to help her cross the rainbow bridge and finally be anxiety free and run with her babies.

Khaleesi was a gorgeous blue pitbull that was found in the lower valley weighing barely 30 pounds. She had clearly just had puppies. She was taken into the local animal shelter. Her parents found her there and knew she needed to go home with them immediately. Khaleesi was very aggressive and anxious. She started her first 4 weeks of her new life in a boarding facility to help her adjust to a calmer life. After some medication to help ease the anxiety, it was time to go to her actual home. Khaleesi flourished in her new home and even began to take a major role in her new pack. Khaleesi taught everyone in the family things they didn’t think they would learn. Khaleesi was diagnosed with Hemangiosarcoma. She underwent surgery and was healthy for two and a half years after that! Unfortunately, the Hemangiosarcoma came back with a vengeance. Khaleesi left her family with a lot of love and experience to offer other babies in need.

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