Westside Pregnancy Center
Westside Pregnancy Center: Choosing Life, Protecting Hearts, Restoring Joy. Westside Pregnancy Center offers the love and hope of Christ to people facing unplanned pregnancy decisions by presenting them with realistic and accurate information. We strive to promote healthy, informed and responsible life choices in an encouraging and nonjudgmental environment. We are a confidential center that focuses on Christian precepts while reaching out in love to mothers and fathers in need. www.westsidepregnancycenter.com

Causes: Women's Issues

**Westside Pregnancy Center Vision Statement

Westside Pregnancy Center recognizes the humanity of the child in the womb and works to help women so that ending the life of their children through abortion becomes unthinkable. We envision a culture where women and men faced with unplanned pregnancy decisions are emboldened by the gospel of Christ, which will erase the perceived need for abortion. We desire to lead parents from fear to joyful confidence on behalf of the new parents, the babies, our donors, the community and God.

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