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What Remains is a non-profit organization that focuses on art, research and education. We focus on raising awareness about the issues surrounding immigration. Our non-profit organization aims to expand our immersive traveling exhibition to various borders worldwide. The purpose is to actively engage with different communities, fostering connectivity and promoting awareness among a broader audience. Your tax-deductible contribution is crucial in keeping What Remains alive. We are grateful for every donation, no matter the amount, it will make a difference and contribute towards our mission. Please consider making a donation today and become a contributor that has the power to spark meaningful social change. We thank you for your generous support, What Remains Team

Causes: Arts and Culture, Migration, Social Justice

WHAT REMAINS is a project that draws together artistic production and ethnographic research to reframe the migrant experience as a global and timeless human experience, one that occurs before, during and after the passage itself. It is a tribute to those that have taken this journey but have been silenced, or whose voices were never heard. What Remains consists of photography, illustration, multimedia installation, video-audio piece, research, books and education.

THE MISSION What Remains unites the vision of four border women who seek to elevate migrants’ voices and experiences. Raise awareness about the reality of these journeys and how challenges continue despite having crossed the physical, political and invisible borders. Our main mission is to incite broad social change through art and research that turns awareness into practices and actions of solidarity, compassion and support for those who endeavor in the global and timeless phenomenon of migration.

THE VISION Our goal is to impact future generations through art, education, and research. To achieve this, we have created a traveling art exhibition that presents an immersive experience bringing stories from different borders around the world. We aim to shed light on the real journey of immigration—before crossing the border and after. Using various art forms and mediums, as well as multimodal research, What Remains explores the invisible borders that continue to exist on the promised land. We disseminate our message through books that include the art, research findings, and educational support.

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