Women's Fund of El Paso
Encouraging the advancement, achievement, and empowerment of women in our region.

Causes: Advocacy, Education, Women's Issues

The Women’s Fund of El Paso is an all-volunteer organization established in 2004 to connect women with resources available in the community and offer educational advancement and leadership development through scholarships.

Our mission is to promote access to funding, information and networking to help women receive a better education, develop critical leadership skills and achieve personal economic growth. An aspect that differentiates the Women’s Fund of El Paso from other organizations is that it provides funding for childcare.

Since its inception, the Women’s Fund has awarded 145 scholarships totalling over $200,000; 30 scholarships for the terrific teens totalling $15,000 for leadership development; and $10,000 in giving circles for education and leadership development.

None of this would be possible without the donations and support of our generous sponsors and individuals like yourself! Every donation made during El Paso Giving Day will go directly to provide scholarships to women in our community, helping and empowering them to advance and acheive their personal and professional goals.