Young Women's Leadership Academy (YWPN)
The Ysleta Young Women’s Leadership Academy (YWLA) is a FREE, all-girls, college preparatory public school in the Paso del Norte Region. At the YWLA, we are on a mission – to give underserved young women the academic and leadership skills they need to achieve success in college and in life. Our school has a foundation of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) curriculum with a focus on our core values: responsible leadership, college and career readiness, and wellness life skills. Our goal isn’t just to get our students to college -- it is to get them through college. We aim to prepare them for a life of leadership, confidence, contribution and to be agents of transformation in their own lives and beyond. Our mascot is the Transformer,, and we are committed to transforming the lives of young female leaders, our community and the way people think about education. We are the Transformers.

Causes: Children and Youth, Education, Women's Issues

Promote College Readiness Among Local Girls

The Ysleta Young Women’s Leadership Academy is a member of the Young Women’s Preparatory Network (YWPN), a nonprofit organization that partners with public school districts across Texas to operate the largest network of all-girls, public, college preparatory schools in the nation. YWLA opened in the 2016-2017 school year with 125 6th grade girls and 98 7th grade girls adding a new 6th-grade cohort every year after. Close to 400 students participate in our college preparatory academy with a significant portion being identified as economically disadvantaged. Our enrichment programs are built on the pillars of college and career readiness, responsible leadership, and wellness life skills.

Together, we champion the educational needs of girls – creating an environment in which they are challenged to achieve their full academic potential, develop their talents and skills and explore leadership opportunities.

Will you join us? For our female scholars, strong foundation for success begins with investment. Our unique approach – combining private and public resources – allows us to create opportunities for our students that would not otherwise be possible. Will you join us? Funds will support our “To and Through College Preparatory Program,” which allows students to visit area and national colleges, get one-on-one college advising, prepare for the SAT and ACT and more.

YWLA Seniors Visit Court House for Recognition by County Commissioners
YWLA Scholars Participate in YWCA Women's Luncheon
YWLA Seniors in College Gowns