Youth Biz Academy
Youth Biz Academy provides donors, volunteers and advocates the organization they require to serve K-12 Youth Entrepreneurship Education and Training in El Paso. Entrepreneurship education and training can have a profound impact on the mindset of youth, building their confidence, self-efficacy, and adaptability to compete and thrive in the economy of the future.

Causes: Children and Youth, Education, Entrepreneurship

**“Seeds of Empowerment: The Transformation from Entrepreneurs to Social Innovators at Youth Biz Academy”

With a heart full of purpose and a vision, our team embarked on a new mission. Youth Biz Academy was founded, a nonprofit organization dedicated to nurturing the seeds of entrepreneurship in K-12 students across the El Paso community. Our journey from business entrepreneurs to social entrepreneur was fueled by the belief that education, mentorship, and hands-on experiences can provide young minds with the tools they needed to shape their own destinies.

Through countless hours of dedication, determination, and collaboration, Youth Biz Academy strives to be a beacon of hope for young students. Designing engaging events and immersive programs that not only teach the fundamentals of business but also cultivate vital life skills such as problem-solving, teamwork, and creative thinking. The team’s experiences in the business world provided a unique perspective on the importance of real-world skills and practical knowledge.

Our journey has not been without its challenges. We faced financial obstacles, skeptics who questioned the impact of our endeavor, and moments of self-doubt. But our unwavering commitment to the youth and our unshakeable belief in our potential propelled us forward. We inspired others in the community to join his cause, rallying support from local businesses, mentors, educators, and parents who shared his vision.

Our story has become intertwined with the success stories of students who have participated in Youth Biz Academy’s programs. Young minds blossomed into confident kidpreneurs, armed with the skills and mindset needed to navigate an ever-changing world. Our transformation from a business entrepreneur to a social entrepreneur has been a testament to the power of our team’s vision to spark meaningful change in a community.

And so, our legacy lives on through the Youth Biz Academy, an embodiment of our belief that every young person deserved the opportunity to dream big and create their own path. Our journey to nurture the entrepreneurial spirit stands as an inspiration – a reminder that even in the pursuit of success, the greatest achievements are often measured in the positive impact we leave on the lives of others.


Youth Biz Academy kidpreneurs presented their products to SBA Administrator Guzman and Congresswoman Escobar
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