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Causes: Education, Religion, Youth

For over 100 years Lydia Patterson Institute (LPI) has maintained a commitment towards creating an exemplary educational setting for which students are able to exceed their own expectations. It’s a hidden gem of El Paso, one that shines brightly beyond the shadows of doubt. A common misconception of late is that LPI is an English Learner School only, however this could not be further from the truth. While LPI does provide educational opportunities for English learners, it is premier private school that prides itself upon a strict curriculum and technology-driven educational setting.

Due to COVID-19, many of our students’ families were hit with financial hardships ranging from; being laid off, peso devaluation, or an inability to make sufficient hours at work. Therefore, a large portion of our students were unable to meet tuition costs. To combat this we began to allot many of those families with scholarships on our own, however the need exceeded our ability and required us to pursue an aggressive fundraising program. We then reached out towards our supporters within the local community and the United Methodist Church, from which we were able to successfully meet the demand and bring our students back. Unfortunately, as the primary goal of fundraising this cycle was to assist students with financial costs and tuition, we were unable to pursue other focuses. As a result, this El Paso Giving Day we are asking for support to help alleviate this.

The funding we receive will go towards two goals:

  1. Student Activities

  2. Segundo Barrio Day

With these two focuses in mind we can continue to give back to our students and local community. As funding is directed towards student activities we can create a better environment for our school, one that will show the students how much we appreciate their hard-work and diligence throughout this pandemic. The funding associated with Segundo Barrio Day will allow us to provide a proper celebration and appreciation event within the local community, as we were unable to previously due to the COVID-19 restrictions.

As we have always stayed the course, so too shall we continue even amidst an ongoing pandemic. Lydia Patterson Institute remains dedicated to the El Paso/Ciudad Juarez Border Region and all those who reside within. We will remain true to our mission and always provide educational opportunities, as well as continued charitable works. From the faculty, staff, and administration we thank you all for your consideration this year and God bless you.