For over 100 years Lydia Patterson Institute (LPI) has maintained a commitment towards creating an exemplary educational setting for which students are able to exceed their own expectations. It’s a hidden gem of El Paso, one that shines brightly beyond the shadows of doubt. Even amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic LPI has maintained a 100% graduation and college placement rate. LPI remains at the forefront of best educational practices and provides opportunities to underprivileged youth.

Causes: Education, Religion, Youth

Equipping Tomorrow’s Leaders Today

For the past two years, our main fundraising focus has been to provide scholarships to families that were hit with financial hardships ranging from; being laid off, peso devaluation, or overall income level. This fall marks our first official physical school semester as our classes had transitioned to online during COVID-19. The transition to physical attendance brought with it additional costs incurred for providing the necessary safety measures and campus upkeep. As a result we have been unable to pursue student activity funding. Therefore, this year for El Paso Giving Day we are asking for support to help alleviate this.

The funding we receive will go towards two goals:

  1. Student Activities

  2. LPI Mariachi

These two focuses allow us to give back to our students and local community. As funding is directed towards student activities we can create a better environment for our school, one that will show the students how much we appreciate their hard-work and diligence throughout this pandemic. The funding associated with our Mariachi will allow us to equip our students with the new uniforms, they desperately need. Our Mariachi program has always been a way for us to connect with the community and allows our students a chance to step out of their shells.

As we have always stayed the course, so too shall we continue even amidst an ongoing pandemic. Lydia Patterson Institute remains dedicated to the El Paso/Ciudad Juarez Border Region and all those who reside within. We will remain true to our mission and always provide educational opportunities, as well as continued charitable works. From the faculty, staff, and administration we thank you all for your consideration this year and God bless you.

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