Aliviane, Inc.
Did you know that in 2020, almost 19% of the students we asked in our region reported that they had purposely misused prescription drugs at least once in their lifetime? Your donation will help support youth in our community who are struggling with substance use and mental health.

Causes: Children and Youth, Health and Mental Well-being, Substance Abuse Prevention

Addiction can affect anyone. Recovery is for everyone.


Donate $10 today to help youth in our community navigate life without substance use.

Your investment will:

  • Help pay for a young person in need of services
  • Provide substance-free social activities
  • Deliver vital physical and mental health support

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Aliviane is a prominent 501c3 nonprofit serving communities throughout West Texas with prevention, intervention, treatment and recovery services for substance use and mental health disorders. The organization has served the community of El Paso for over 50 years and currently operates in one of the largest geographical areas, resting on the US-Mexico border known as the Borderland.

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