Chica Chat
We are dedicated to empowering women entrepreneurs and creatives in our community through professional & personal development, as well as networking.

Causes: Education, Entrepreneurship, Women's Issues

We are a non-profit women’s orgnaization dedicated to the growth of El Paso women in the business sector. We believe that knowledge is power and should be accessible to all women. Chica Chat provides a platform for women to create, feel safe, and learn from one another.

It’s common for entrepreneurs to feel inadequate and as if they’re the only ones experiencing the roller coaster of running their own business. Imposter syndrome especially effects women entrepreneurs because not very many of our success stories are in the spotlight. Chica Chat has always been about being the antidote for imposter syndrome. We wanted there to be a safe place where each woman can been seen and heard while also making lasting connections with other women in their community.

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