Chica Chat
We are Chica Chat! We’re here to uplift and empower the women in our local economy through personal & professional development, networking, and community. Our ultimate goal is to push El Paso to reach its fullest potential by putting more money in the hands of women, because we truly believe that women lift economies.

Causes: Education, Entrepreneurship, Women's Issues

Who We Are


Chica Chat is dedicated to the growth of El Paso women in the small business sector. We believe that knowledge is power and should be accessible to all women. Chica Chat provides a platform for women to create, feel safe, and learn from one another.

It’s common for entrepreneurs to feel inadequate and as if they’re the only ones experiencing the roller coaster of running their own business. Unfortunately, imposter syndrome significantly affects women entrepreneurs because not very many of our success stories are spotlighted.

Chica Chat has always been about being the antidote for imposter syndrome. We want a safe place where women can be seen and heard while bettering themselves and their businesses.

Why We Need Your Support


In 2020, the pandemic brought Chica Chats programming to a dreadful halt. As a result, our community (like many others) suffered from layoffs, furloughs, and the closing of small businesses.

The impacts of the pandemic left many under financial strain, and even affected some of us on a mental health level, but we want you to know that we’re here for you chica!

Chica Chat perseveres in celebrating the resiliency of women by sharing resources and providing intentional programming that promotes our mission and vision.

Your donation helps continue our work in 2022 by:

  • reviving our annual Jefa Market that brings together women-owned merchants & vendors
  • allowing for more in-person events, like Working The Net, that welcomes chicas to connect and hear from thriving creatives and entrepreneurs in the community
  • establishing our first Las Chicas Collective Fund awarding micro-grants to local women creatives, small business owners, and entrepreneurs
  • covering the hard cost of supplies and materials to promote our programs, resources, and more