YogaShield Yoga For First Responders
OUR MISSION: To provide public safety and military personnel with traditional yoga training that is culturally informed and job specific for the purposes of processing stress, building resilience, and enhancing job performance.

Causes: Health and Wellness, Veterans


Every 60 seconds, 416 calls to 911 are placed across the USA.

Who answers? America’s domestic soldiers.

These are regular people - your sister, father, neighbor - but they differ from you in one major respect; they spend their days helping their fellow neighbors through the worst days of their lives.

This is their daily routine.

They don’t wake up and check their email while leisurely sipping their coffee. They are out the door in an instant, leaving behind their families, homes, favorite Netflix TV shows, to help those in need.

Day in and day out, the stress our first responders undergo inevitably wears on them.

That’s why first responders as a group experience higher numbers of PTSD, heart attack, suicide, sleep issues (the list goes on) than the rest of us.

This is where we come in.

Yoga was built for first responders. The origin of yoga in the East was made for the warrior. It was made as a physical and mental discipline to train the mind and body in resilience.

We train first responders through the medium of yoga NOT to touch their toes, but to be IN CONTROL of their mind, body, and nervous system in the moments that are truly life or death.

And, to bring their nervous system back to normal so that they can enjoy a full and fulfilling life outside of the job.

Our aim is to raise $52,800.00 through El Paso Giving Day for the purpose of giving every member of the El Paso Fire Department a full year of our online training tool and app - the YFFR Cyber Academy.

Thank you for helping us help our nation’s first responders.

Video: YFFR on CBS This Morning

Video: YFFR at Chicago PD

Partners and Sponsors of YFFR include: Cordico, lululemon athletica, On The Job And Off, Going Beyond The Call, Fire Rescue Fitness, NAEMT, Police Officers’ Credit Union Association, University of North Carolina School of the Arts

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